Monday, April 2, 2012

Demo Soon To Be Released!

The Kitten's Adventure Demo will be released shortly for download for both Mac and PC.

The demo, although not the full game in any way, showcases a small portion of the kind of environments you will be able play on in the game.

the graphics screen

DEMO - the Modern House area

DEMO - upstairs in the Modern House area

DEMO - the Dream

DEMO - The Dream

DEMO - the City area
The demo is scheduled for release on April 10th, so write it on your calendar! :3

The Final Version will have:

The three areas you saw in the demo — Modern House, Dream and City — make up one zone. In the final game, you'll access new zones by collecting puzzle pieces from all over the areas. There will be three zones in all.

More Costumes!
The winged version of Kitten is only the beginning! Kitten will change into more costumes depending on where he is.

2 and a half D
In the final version of the game, you'll not only be able to go right and left, but forwards and backwards.
The reason this feature is not in the demo is because it was a late decision. We decided to complete the demo in a side scrolling version, which will be fixed in the final version.

The puzzles mentioned above will also be added, adding a new style of gameplay to Kitten's Adventure!

More Interactivity
In the completed game, you'll be able to bump objects to find puzzle pieces or tuna cans. Right now, since there are no puzzle pieces or tuna cans yet in the game, there is no need for this level of interactivity.

Let's hope that whet your appetite for the final version of Kitten's Adventure! In the meanwhile, you can play the demo version when it releases on Tuesday!

-- The Workers at Black Leopard Games and Action Clock Games.